Visual Gratis is the blog of Ed Salvana and Cat Lee, two disgruntled new media graduate students from the Academy of Art in San Francisco. They ignorantly figured that doing a thesis project together would result in less work and more happy times, they are currently trying to figure what went wrong. This site was really just an excuse to have a website hosted on (mt), thus making us cool and with the “in” crowd. Ocassionally, we might actually post details about our top-secret, ultra-hip, world-changing, mind-boggling thesis project. But don’t really count on that.

Ed is a mongrel hamster from the Philippines whose daily subsistence constitutes a helping of YouTube, listening to Paul and Marcus’ podcast, and obsessivelly seeking Yugo’s next project.

Cat is a mischievous feline currently working at SF’s Fluid Inc as a visual designer. Her passions include interaction design, web design and has a healthy obsession with the dark digital arts. Cat’s head and dexterous fingers may be bought with large sums of money. The body however small, will still be attached with purchase. It’s like a 2 for one deal!

  1. Ed 05.31.06 / 1pm

    I hereby bestow the honorary title of technawesome to Cat, because she, frankly speaking, is technically awesome. I’m sure Alex will want one as well.

  2. Cat 05.31.06 / 2pm

    We are going to be the only ones leaving messages for each other. Do you realize that?

    Thanks for the geek crown. Wear it loud! wear it proud!

  3. Visual Gratis » Wet Shirt Worldcup 06.30.06 / 12am

    [...] About [...]

  4. Visual Gratis » Mint Collective Thesis Proposal 11.26.06 / 4pm

    [...] We’ve been getting requests for our midpoint proposal from some people, so here goes. The presentation was never meant for web display and was only to be operated by myself and Cat, so there might be some slight bugs. Notes: Flash Player 8 Required. This thing is image heavy and doesnt have a visible preloader. Give it a couple of seconds to load on each slide as you progress. Some slides are empty (we were just yammering on these). Here it is: [...]

  5. nico 02.21.07 / 1am

    Interesting 27+20 is a design studio with nico, an urban warrior from NYC and kat a vocal rock queen from the Philippines.

  6. nico 02.24.07 / 2pm

    Hi again I just wanted to say after seeing your site I looked up wordpress and downloaded it… check it http://news.2720.tv

    thanks again

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