A Simple Departure Guide for Manila’s International Airports

A simple departure guide to Manila's Airports

Flying out of Manila’s international airports has got to be one of the strangest airline experiences one will have. I’ve been doing it for quite a while now, but the last few years have been even hairier since I switched from a student visa (F1) to a working one (H1B). This makes me an Overseas Foreign Worker (OFW) in the Philippine Government’s eyes. I have to get an inane exit clearance every time I leave the country (another story).

Since I couldn’t find an easy step-by-step guide for OFWs of what to do at the airport, I present to you this simple guide based on my experiences. Note that I fly out almost exclusively out of Terminal 2 / Centennial / PAL so other airports and terminals may vary. Also that i’ve only my experienced flying out to the US in the past couple of years, so not sure what other airlines/country procedures are.

Download Ed’s Manila International Airport Departure Guide 2012 (pdf)

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