Daily Design Exercises #1

Daily Design Exercises

I don’t feel the constant urge to experiment with code as much, but I do feel this fascination with simplifying and reducing design to its essentials.

Oftentimes, I feel the urge to cop out and use layer effects and gratuitos gradients to make things shiny and trendy…something i’ve found disturbingly equates to design in many peoples minds. I’m not trying to say that they don’t have their place, but a lot of the times, reducing or simply moving things around, giving elements space works wonders.

Simplicity does not mean bland, nor does it mean less work. Most of the time, what we start out with, what we have midway, or even a few hours from the almighty deadline, looks absolutely different from the final result. Good design I believe should appear effortless, inform–and if it’s really good–delight the viewer.

So I wanted to challenge myself by doing these small exercises. They aren’t focused on anything interactive, but as I think about it, all design is interactive. A poster is read, analyzed and maybe even touched. People have characteristics, compulsions, preferences and a myriad other things that a piece has to navigate around and hopefully connect with.

Initially, I just want to use the same elements and experiment with scale, space and position. I find that forcing constraints on myself works wonders sometimes. Hopefully i do these daily for a couple of minutes and learn (or relearn) things.

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