Back in Black

I know this is sppossed to be about arty farty design stuff but I shall digress for my very first entry. I’m back home in the city that never sleeps. Here the perfect weather has me sitting in my shorts with a nice cool breeze blowing through my living room. Hey, a designers gotta go on break sometime too and is very important for one’s creative aura. Here are some great tips to get my creative juices flowing (this probably won’t work on most people):

1. drink plenty of water
2. sleep in till 11 every morning
3. play video games until your eyes bleed
4. watch “Dog the bounty hunter” marathon

my most recent non-creative/creative edeavor: painstakingly beeding a wedding veil by hand.

another wedding to go to on 6/19. Ed can you belive that?!

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